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Cookies Policy

Welcome to our cookies policy page, from here we will explain why and what will be included on our site and how your data will be used on our website. If you're interested in reading through our privacy policy do check out the link here: Privacy Policy . You can withdraw your consent from cookies at any point by managing them in the security settings.

So what are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files used to keep data held when you're using our website, such things like when you enter details in a textbox or click on buttons we hold onto this data so your preferences are kept while ordering our services and improve the functionality.

How do we use the cookies?

First-Party and Third-party cookies are the most common form of cookies which are used on websites, including ours. We will never use cookies to collect personal information about you and their sole purpose is to study how you interact and click through our site. Cookies are also used to introduce preferential advertisements on our site so that you get the best experience and also enhancing the performance too.

What type of cookies are there?

Here's a list of the following cookie types.


Necessary cookies are required for basic functionality of the website, they ensure security and protection is working properly and that the site has the best performance too. No personal data is held with these types of cookies but they must be accepted for the site for work.

Non - Necessary

These forms of cookies are used to process advertising and marketing, data is collected for analytics so we can check how users are interacting with our website so that we can improve it's functionality. Embedded videos or audio files may also be included.

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