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Whether it's your first time using a marketing company or if you would just like to learn more about how our company functions we will be happy to introduce and explain in detail how we practice our services. From our FAQ you will be able to check our cookies policy and terms of service along with how your data is secured and protected. 

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Frequently asked questions

Question 1

Why should I use social media?

The world is moving into a social media frenzy with recent research demonstrating 30% of all internet traffic across social media platforms. This is an accelerating market and businesses big or small will need to get onboard. Using a smart strategy can allow you to cut through the competition achieving an effective conversion rate and boosts your profits! 

Question 1

Why video?

Video has been proven time and time again to have a higher conversion rate on websites and social media. It aids potential prospects to know more about your product in an immersive medium. Video is suitable for any brand whether be a service, product or experience for sale it allows you to tell a story that all customers can feel relatable.

Privacy Policy

The importance of upholding an extremely high standard of data privacy can not be understated, especially in relation to providing both business and customer data gathering. Whether it's collecting information from your company to establish the best set up for you or collecting data online from your social media platforms Oath promises to collect, manage and erase personal information of all businesses and customers to follow Irish and EU regulations in line with GDPR and the Irish Data Protection Act (2018). Our privacy privacy is divided into four submenus to easily break up and define how data will be used from the respective person(s) effected:

Personal Data, referring to customers and clients who directly impact your business in a point of sales, following this is Business Data, how information of your company will be collected, stored and managed to provide the best marketing and customer service for you. Public Media refers to how Oath will operate on your social media, website and public relations platforms gathering feedback from consumers and and other competitors to enhance your prescence online. Finally SEO and Data Management refers to analytics, information related to google and it's search engine optimisation where your data will be added and shared to maximise advertising points.
Privacy Policy
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Personal Data Protection

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Business Data Protection

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Public Media Protection

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SEO and Data Managmenet

Term's and Conditions

Within our term's and conditions is a break down on how you can apply with our company and the terms of service which you will agree to within a contract. It will outline in detail how the process of establishing said contract will take place: from initial consultation to officially publishing on your behalf through social media and on all marketing platforms. The term's and conditions will also outline protective clauses guaranteeing you will receive compensation or coverage in the event that services can not be met for you or your business. There is also a detailed breakdown of the terms of service that you must abide by such as but not limited to: data collection of your company, the right to change/modify any passwords or data on your social media platforms wesbites etc. The conditions will also stipulate the right to make changes to your companies branding, images and public relations as to reasonable changes with the intent to improve your marketing and branding. Finally with your right to respond, edit and adjust your social media platforms should it deemed necessary and through changes which suits your needs or services. 

To find out more in relation to a complete breakdown of our T&C's click the link provided below.
Terms and Conditions

Get a PDF copy of our T&C's

How we use Cookies

Cookies are used to provide an enhanced experience on our website by introducing small text files which will be added to your device, it is used so that our site can remember when you input data keeping it consistent so you don't lose the info you created. Essential cookies are required to have the best performance on our site by introducing functions not available without accepting them, while optional data may be collected with your consent such as marketing, analytics and advertising from our company. Cookies will always be deleted after closing our site so that your data is never held for longer than it needs to be. Should you wish to opt-out of cookies at any point you can edit or alter them here, or on the first prompt when visiting our website for the first time. 

It's important to learn and understand how cookies are used online and our website, for this reason please feel free to click and peruse the link provided which will inform you about which cookies are available on our site and how they're used to collect and hold your data. 

Cookie Policy

1. Who we are 
Data Protecto

Data Policies

We are Oath Studios, Sligo which is a company who provides marketing and media production services, you can contact our company at or our CEO Michael Bonner at +353 087554956
2. Why we process your data
The basis for collecting your data is to review, process and operate our marketing services. Your data will be used on our website to contact you in relation to any queries you may have and will be deleted within a reasonable amount of time. Your data may be used to book a consultation or meeting along with contacting you for any updates on contracts signed with our company. 

2.1 Data will never be provided to third parties or agencies without your explicit consent subject to licensing agreements or for the purposes of hereto contracts to which you have approved with Oath Studios and other parties.
Under the guise of GDPR you are entitled to several but not limited to the following rights in relation to your privacy and data online. Oath ensures that these principles are upheld to the highest standard possible and will provide full transparency when using our services.

The right to data access data: You are entitled to access your personal information at any point and to request a copy of all the personal information we have on you within our company. You are also entitled to see how this information is processed and used.

The right to be forgotten: data privacy ensures all personal information about you can and will be deleted in its entirety under your request, we will be held responsible to ensure all information about you or your business(s) is removed.

The right to rectification: Should you find any information about you is not accurate or outdated you can contact our team to update or alter said details to reflect this ensuring that your personal data is accurate.

The right to restrict: If any or all information about you is being used for purpose(s) you deem unacceptable or does not suit your needs you are entitled to restrict, block or otherwise prevent said information being processed or used in anyway.

The right to portability: You may request your data is issued in a common readable format through our company or through a third party agency.

If we are using your data for any purpose which you have consented to, you may withdraw your consent at any point, this will not effect data processing prior to when the consent was relieved. If you are not satisfied with how your data is used, you can contact us at any point to rectify the matter. 

If deemed necessary you can contact the data protection comission to lodge a complaint about our company if you feel your data is in breach of GDPR or is being used without your consent.

4. Using our website
You are free to use our website without providing any personal information about you at all times, however if you wish to use our service some personal information will be required to contact you or/and to create a consultation and establish a working contract.  
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