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What we're about...

Oath Creative Digital offers an array of digital services to our clients; we offer video services that aid conversion on websites and social media by creating unique promo videos as well as other miscellaneous visual content that supports your product or service on an online platform. Online Platforms are essential for any business in the 2020’s with a potential audience of 4 billion people online at any given time. We at oath can create and manage your online platform by using extensive market and niche research to make sure your content  receives a strong conversion rate. 


Content Creation for social media and your business website is essential, ‘a picture says a thousand words’. Oath can offer not just the words, but also the images too through our photography and keen design skills. We offer many packages that can benefit any business from small to large. So why don’t you book a call to find out more. 

Our Oath to you

Meet the team..


Michael Bonner

CEO and Co-Founder


Chris Slattery

Production Specialist


Gemma Marie



Harper Rooney

Digital Marketer

She / Her

Our Mission Statement

Oath Creative Digital wishes to instill a creative and unique aesthetic into each service we offer to our clients.

Oath Creative Digital  understands that each digital service requires  a unique and creative adaptable strategy. We at Oath pride ourselves on this service. The word ‘Oath’ serves not just as a company name but as a solemn promise to our clients to realise  your vision.

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Research and Development

Our research and development covers various aspect and tools to ensure you are given the best product and services possible. Take a look at what we have on offer


  1. Checking the Competition

  2. Qualitive and Quantitive

  3. Field and Case Studies

  4. Causal Research

  5. Action Planning


  1. Asset Generation

  2. Animation and Editing 

  3. Concept Development

  4. Videography and Photography

  5. Web Design and Infographics

Research and Develop

Digital Marketing

Our marketing covers a range of procedures to ensure your companies digital presence is to the max, with social media and your own website to branding and customer outreach we will provide it all to you.

What we do:

  1. Branding & Logo Designs

  2. Social Media Management

  3. Public Promotions and Videos

  4. Advertising and Google 

  5. Online Sales and Customer Engagement


Digital Marketing

SEO & Data Management

With data from your own business, from your clients and social media not to mention information from consumers and customers it can be difficult to keep track of it all and ensure data protection privacy is upheld. GDPR and advancing in the SEO algorithm is crucial in the modern market

What we do:

  1. GDPR & Data Privacy

  2. Data organisation 

  3. SEO outreach and social media analytics

  4. Data led marketing practices

  5. Real time analysis and tracking

SEO & Data Manaement
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