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What we have to offer!

Welcome to our package and services page, we here at Oath understand that you need a site, media and platforms catered towards your customer base and having inclusive posts and quick responsive interactions are a must! Managing your marketing can be expensive and time consuming which is exactly were we come in, our team can introduce new assets, media and videos and deliver them straight to your door. Why not take a look and see what we have to offer, from simple social media cover all the way to a complete marketing re-design we can do it all for a price that works just for you!


What we have to offer

Basic Package

V.I.B Package

Amplifier Package

Pick N' Mix



Our consultations are quick and super easygoing, You can discuss the different options you're interested in and negotiate on prices and services which are provided to find what's right for you



The next step is research and development, our team investigates customer feedback, data from google and social media then sets up a plan for you to review and adjust accordingly. 



Once you're satisfied with everything it's onto design and publication. Now it's time for infographics, videos, photography and much more. Let you check everything then it's finally time for publishing!

Let's do Business!

We know you need meetings organised and fast that's why you can ask for a quote or just get right in touch ASAP!

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Amplifier Package

with the amplifier package we will provide and manage:


Social media management 

10 custom brand images

15 custom infographics 

1 custom promo video 

Copywrite protection

Exclusive support and Bi-weekly reports  

Pick N' Mix

with the Pick N' Mix package we will provide and manage:


Social media management 

Custom brand images

Custom infographics 

Custom promo video

Promo Videos 

Copywrite protection and much much more! 

Basic Package

with the basic package we will provide and manage:


2 Social media accounts

5 custom brand images

10 custom infographics

Copywrite protection

Monthly Data report

VIB Package

with the VIB package we will provide and manage:

 Video X Photo shoot

Copywrite protection

Social media management

4 small videos + 1 promo vid

30 infographics + 20 custom images

Weekly reports + exclusive access 24/7

Basic Package
Amplifier Package
VIB Package
Pick N Mix
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