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Time Saving Practices

Oath introduces full social media and redesigns with a focus on improving reach on online advertising and videography. Our goal is to reduce the amount of time you need to spend on your business' marketing plans giving you more time to focus on what matters most to you.

Social Responsibilites

In today's fast past environment it's crucial companies highlight their contributions to society. Whether it's sustainability or the steps taken to support a good cause or social issue. We understand this and will help to dynamically adjust your marketing stategy to include ideals that work for you.

Customer Engagement

Our team specialises in promotional videos perfect for modern advertising, it's short, snappy and stylish clips that will attract customers which maximises algorithm responses and SEO feedback from customer engagement. Whether it's snapchat, tiktok or whatever platform you need we will get you set up to increase traffic to your company and your platforms!


The entry level package is best suited for essential social media management, advertisement's, infographics and services for your company with monthly reports & copywrite protection.

(Per Month)


2 Social Media Accounts 

5 custom brand images 

10 custom infoographics 

Copywrite Protection

Monthly report 

laptop cover_edited.jpg

Perfect for active digital marketing promotions. We offer a full redesign of your site including a promotional video, analytics and social media posts, and much more!

(Per Month)


Social media management

10 custom brand images

15 infographics and promo vid

Copywrite Protection

Support and Bi-Weekly Reports


For the Very Important Business. 2500 Posts on social media, fully directed video shoot. Tonnes of infographics and branding images and exclusive 24 hour access

(Per Month)


Social media management

Video and Photoshoot

30 infographics 

20 images (Per Week)

4 Small Vids + 1 Promo Form

Copywrite Protection

Exclusive Access to media


We get it, sometimes you just don't fit right into any box and it's important that your needs are met in a way that works just for you. So let's chat and you sort out a deal your way!

(Per Month)


Enquire with us today and find a set up that works just for you. Prices start from €300 and we're more than happy to talk through what's available today!


Our Promise to you...

"OCD understand that each digital service requires unique and a creative adaptable
strategy. We at OATH pride ourselves on this service; The Word Oath exists not just
as the company name but as a a solemn contract to our clients to instil your vision
and results to the service we provide."



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